How To: Say numbers 11 to 99 in Vietnamese

Say numbers 11 to 99 in Vietnamese

In this language video tutorial you will learn how to say numbers 11 to 99 in Vietnamese. For the numbers from 11 to 19, you simply add the number to the word for 10, that is, Muoi. For example, 14 will be Muoi Bon (Bon = 4) and 18 will be Muoi Tam (Tam = 8). For multiples of 10, simply add Muoi after the number. For example, 20 will be Hai Muoi (Hai = 2), 30 will be Ba Muoi (Ba =3), 40 is Bon Muoi and so on. For all other numbers, simply add the number after the multiple of 10. For example, 82 is Tam Muoi Hai and 26 is Hai Muoi Sau (Sau=6). Exceptions to #5. #5 in Vietnamese is Nam. But when #5 is added to any other number, it is pronounced Lam. For example, 15 is Muoi Lam, 25 is Hai Muoi Lam and so on.

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