How To: Say "Glad to Meet You" in VIetnamese

Say "Glad to Meet You" in VIetnamese

Linguist Bud Brown shares his insights into the Vietnamese language. This video talks about how to say "I'm glad to meet you" after being introduced and different ways to say "You're Welcome" after someone says "Thank you."

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Bud great video. I applaud you in your efforts. We are going for about five days to Saigon and then onto to Philippines this December 18th. wife is from Philippines.. we have been three times but.. I am going to see if I can atleast learn some helpful phrases for vietnam. thanks for the videos.

I, myself strongly appreciate the videos which you made. And I, in behalf of Vietnamese people, want to say thank you so much for your short lessons. Because you brought our language to share with friends all over the world, especially in America!

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